This is my placeholder website.

About me

My name is Łukasz Moskała, and I'm almost 20 years old. GNU/Linux user since 2015. I write some C++ code for Desktop, Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and some php. Since I want to give back to open-source community, I publish code on GitHub and maintain unofficial Archlinux repo. Sorry guys, I started my first job and didn't have time for this

You can contact me using my email: lm /at\ lukaszmoskala \dot/ pl. If possible, encrypt emails with follwing key from SKS keyservers or download key directly HERE. (No one ever sent me encrypted e-mail, it would be nice if You did)

This website have dark theme, because, as lot of programmers, I like dark themes.


Nice thing I did recently

I decided to create digital thermometer, but not like the chinese one that you can buy cheap anywhere on the internet. That's why I bought ESP8266 and DHT22, and combined them to create web-based digital thermometer. You can see results here! It also can create plots!
Complete source code is available on GitHub here.
Software uses my VPS server to collect and display data, because it's way more powerfull than ESP8266. That's the same VPS on which this website is hosted.